Boat Diving

Terms & Conditions

Our Boat
We run a regular boat schedule of dives during the season on our 7.8m RIB, ‘REBELLION’. The boat is commercially coded to carry 10 divers and 2 crew. As well as all the normal electronic gadgets you would expect on a RIB she is also fitted with a side scanning sonar. In 2017 she was fitted with a brand new 250 hp Honda engine which will ensure a safe and speedy ride to the dive sites.

Although the boat is coded for 10 divers and 2 crew, we like to give you a bit of space so we have a maximum number, whenever possible, of 8 divers.

The best thing about diving around the Isle of Wight is the wrecks. Because we can get out and back quickly, we generally do single tank dives and plan the days so that you can go out on two slack waters in order to get the best of the wreck dives. However, if you would like to do a twin tank dive that is not a problem, just let us know and we will plan it for you. Be aware though that the second dive will probably be a drift dive.

Want to do something special?
Although the schedule of dives is published, we are very flexible, so if you would like to do something different on any particular day just let us know.

Want to Book?
If you want to book a dive you can do so by calling the dive centre on 02392 838773. Simply click on the dive on the calendar below to find out all the details. Money for all dives is taken up front by credit or debit card. If we have to cancel the dive for any particular reason you will be offered a full refund, or you can carry the money over to another dive.

Confirming the Dive
It is important that you call the dive centre the day before the dive to confirm that it is still on.

Booking and Payment
When booking a boat payment needs to be made in full in advance.  Once you have paid that is your space confirmed on that trip.

If you cancel your space on the trip no refunds can be made.  Should you be able to put someone else in your space, however, that will be accepted.  If we have to cancel the boat for any reason we will offer you a full refund, or you can carry over the payment onto another trip.

Dive Buddy
We do not take responsibility for finding you a dive buddy.  If you book onto the boat on your own there may be another diver on the boat who will buddy with you, if not you need to be prepared and suitable qualified and equipped to dive solo.

Equipment Requirements
All divers need to ensure they have all the equipment they need.  We do not carry extra weight or spares for divers.  Please note all divers must carry delayed SMBs and computers and must be competent in their use.  No SMB or computer, NO DIVE

If We Cancel
We reserve the right to cancel the dive at any time we see fit.  As a general rule this is not likely to happen, but the skipper’s word is final.  Similarly, should the skipper decide that any diver is unfit to dive he will refuse to allow that diver onto the boat.

Dive Site Changes
While we will endeavour to take you to the dive site of your choice it may, on occasions, be necessary to change the site at short notice, and we reserve the right to do this.

Divers are required to contact the dive centre by phone the day before the dive to confirm it is still going ahead. Should you fail to do so and we have had to cancel the dive we will not be responsible for any losses you incur as a result.