Dive on the Camswan 25th August 2018 ropes away Hayling Island Ferry 0930hrs phone the shop to book

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The Camswan is an excellent wreck that sits 4 metres proud of the seabed in 18m of water. This 105 metre long steam ship had a short life. Built in 1917 it was sunk in the same year in a collision with the SS Polbrae. The Camswan lies on a sand and gravel bottom and visibility is generally good. Although very broken up the wreck ahs plenty to explore. Making your way to the rear of the vessel, the large rudder gives you some idea of its size. There is plenty of marine life on the wreck including conger, pollack and wrasse and some big shoals of bib.

Diving the wreck of the SS Luis

Dive on the SS Luis.

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Shells on the SS LuisThis morning we had a lovely dive on the SS Luis.  Vis was not as amazing as on the U1195 yesterday but still a good 4 – 5 metres. Plenty of life on it and we even recovered a shot that had to be abandoned some months ago.  Weather forecast seems to be in our favour at the moment so why not come along and dive some really great wrecks.

underwater clean up

Malta – Be a Role Model for the Mediterranean

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A recent article in the Malta Independent showed a rare Leatherback turtle being recovered from the sea.  Unfortunately it was dead, another victim of plastic pollution in our oceans.  As a company we have always been concerned about the state of our oceans and the pollution that we throw into them.  We rely on the oceans for so many things yet we treat it with disdain and neglect.  For many years I have been involved in the Plastic Oceans Foundation and a couple of years ago in that role I had meetings with members of the Malta Government about the opportunity that Malta has to be a role model for the rest of the Mediterranean countries.  It has made great improvements in recent years in waste management and recycling and this has had a positive impact on its coastline and the marine habitats that surround it.  But there is still some way to go.  The Tuna Ranching industry is devastating the population of that species to such an extent that extinction is a distinct possibility for that species.  Your plastic bag levy, while going some of the way, offers loopholes for retailers and consumers that they are exploiting, with the result that plastic bags still litter the country side and the coastline.  So come on Malta, be independent.  Have some courage.  Introduce a take back scheme on plastic bottles, increase the bag levy to include bags without handles, as well as those with it, enforce the laws you have for littering and fouling the streets by issuing on the spot fines for offenders.  Be a role model for the rest of the Mediterranean – you can do it.


Dives for the end of July

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The wind is dropping for a few days at least and we have published the dives for the end of July. A mix of shallow wreck dives with one deeper one planned for the SS Polo, a 28m dive that normally has some excellent visibility. Let us know if you want to join any of the dives

Red Lipped Bat Fish, Galapagos

The Red Lipped Bat Fish

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5 Things you probably didn’t know about the red lipped bat fish:
1. It is only found in Galapagos and as far south as Peru and is closely related to the Rosey Lipped Batfish found in Cocos islands, Costa Rica.
2. It has a lure on its head similar to Angler fish which is uses to attract prey.
3. When it reaches maturity its dorsal fin turns into a spine.
4. They are not good swimmers but their modified pectoral fins means that they can walk on the bottom.
5. In spite of their appearance they do not use lipstick.

Manta Rays in the Galapagos

Galapagos Islands

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22 of us have just returned from one of the best diving holidays so far – to the Galapagos islands.  We based ourselves in Santa Cruz, San Cristobal and Isabela, and dives some cracking sites, such as Gordon Rocks, Kicker Rock and many more.  Sea lions, Hammerheads, King Manta Rays, Galapagos sharks, the weird Red Lipped Bat fish, more rays, more sharks …. the list goes on and on.

Thank you to everyone who came on the trip who helped to make it so amazing.  The question is, how do we top that next year …… you will have to wait and see!

Media Diver course students

Media Diving Course Video

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The first of our students who completed the Media Diving Course have published their final video.  They wil be presenting this as part of their film course at university.  Tim, Jemma and Danielle did a great little promo for Vobster Quay

blue o two liveaboard

Changes to the Egypt Trip in November 2015

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For everyone who has booked to go on the liveaboard trip in November I have some good news and some bad news. The bad news is that the boat we had booked to go on, the Blue Voyager, is going to be on its way to the Maldives in October. This means that we can’t go on it. The good news is …… Read More

New eCommerce Site Launched

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We are pleased to announce that we have finally launched the new eCommerce Site using our old website address www.directdivegear.co.uk.  At the moment there is a full range of products for scuba diving and some for snorkellers, technical divers and free divers.  If you have not yet had a look please do so.  There are options to write reviews about equipment and even comment on related blog posts.

Dive Trip Booked for November – Liveaboard to Egypt

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blue o two liveaboardDuring the last trip to the Red Sea a lot of people asked if we could organise a liveaboard trip for 2015. So I have done. I have booked the Blue O Two boat M/Y Blue Voyager for the weeks of 13-20 November to do the ‘Best of Brothers’ itinerary.
The boat is the most recently constructed of the Blue O Two luxury fleet. 37m long with double and twin cabins for 24 people, it is extremely spacious and comfortable with an enormous dive deck. Read More

Underwater Media Diver

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Underwater Media Diver CourseWe are delighted to announce that the brand new PADI Underwater Media distinctive speciality course is now up and running and bookings are now being taken. This 4 days course has been produced to provide an insight into the media diving industry, covering topics such as industry scope, legislation and risk management, environmental impact, camera and housing selection, strobes, lights, monitors and much more. It also goes into some of the theory of underwater filming and photography, including exposure settings, colour correction, the art of composition, camera moves, shots and sequencing, production of story lines, editing and top tips to help you get the best from your camera. The theory is taught using a wide range of equipment including the latest still and video camera equipment. Read More

Big Blue Video Lights and Torches now in stock

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Big Blue Go Pro RigBig Blue Video Lights …. they’re amazing!!!

Have you got a GoPro or small compact camera in a housing. Struggling to get good photograph? Strobe not working for you. The video capability of many of the smaller cameras is excellent and it is often easier to take shots using video lights. The problem is that bright lights are often too expensive. That was until the latest Big Blue Range came out. We have ordered a range of video lights that are not only some of the brightest on the market, but also the best value.  We have a range of lights in stock.  If you want to buy any you can do so by going to our online store or by popping into the dive store

Club Trip to Egypt – November 2014

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I have managed to upload a short 4 minute clip straight from the camera taken on the SS Thistlegorm while swimming through one side of the holds in the middle deck area. This is totally unedited except for the edition of some cheesy music courtesy of You Tube and is taken 4 days after I started using the camera and housing so I was still learning basically. For those who have never dived the SS Thistlegorm this gives you some idea of what an awesome dive it is.

Cowes and a Curry

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Red Arrows at CowesIt was a great plan.  Meet at the boat, zip over to Cowes for the last night of Cowes week, watch the Red Arrows, have a curry, watch the fireworks and zip back.  We first did it in 2009 when we cruised up the Medina to the Folly Inn so we thought it was about time to do it again. Read More

Boat Dives Filling Up

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camera1Loads of work going on with the boat.  The new engine is fitted and the console repaired, so we have started to put up a list of boat dives coming up in the near future on our 7.5m RIB, ‘Rebellion’.  It is filling up quite nicely and there is something there for everyone.  Generally there will be two dives going out every day at the weekend and also evening dives during the week for as long as the light holds out.  As we draw towards winter they will have to stop.

The dives are starting at £20 and we will be keeping the price as low as possible.

To find out more either go to our Facebook page (link at the bottom) or you can see all the events on the calender page of this website