New Engine For Rebellion

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Honda 150We have bought a new engine for Rebellion.  It is a Honda 150 hp and fitting will take place in the middle of July.  We will then be putting the boat and the new engine through sea trials on 17 July (which might just end up being a run up the Medina to the Folly).  Then it has its MCA inspection for coding to make sure that it is all legal on 18 July. Read More

Deep Diving Devil Rays Solve Mystery

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Source: BBC News  Image:  David Jones

Devil RaysA new study shows that devil rays plunge nearly 2km below the ocean surface, making some of the deepest and fastest dives ever observed in the sea.  Scientists tracked 15 of the large, winged fish, previously thought to be surface dwellers, for several months.  In between their icy dives, they appear to bask near the surface to warm up.

The findings, published in Nature Communications, offer an explanation for a mysterious mass of blood vessels, thought to keep the ray’s brain warm.  The front part of the animal’s skull is stuffed with a sponge-like mesh of large and small arteries. This network, called a rete mirabile, was described in the devil rays 30 years ago.  The Mobula ray family, which includes these “flying” bentfin rays, were all thought to live near the surface Read More

Beach Clean – 6 July

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beach cleanWe are going to have a beach clean from Southsea to Eastney on 6th July. This area never really gets cleaned by the authorities and we always find loads of rubbish there. It’s bad for the environment, and bad for human health so come along and get involved.
The clean-up will start from the eastern end of the Esplanade where it joins with Henderson Road. Start time is going to be 10.00 and we should be done in 2 to 3 hours (depending on number of volunteers). Read More

Big Trip for 2015 – Galapagos

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HammerheadsThe big trip for 2015 is going to be Galapagos.  The dates are going to be 6 – 21 June and we will hopefully be staying in Santa Cruz with a couple of days on both San Cristobal and Isabela.  If you are interested in joining the trip please email the dive centre.  There is a group page set up on Facebook and as details come in they will be posted on there, and also this website.