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Twin Set Diver

Twin set diving is becoming more and more popular.  However while you may want to use one, you might not be interested in going down the “technical” diving route and most twin set courses apply these systems.  If this is you then why not come on the PADI Twin Set distinctive speciality course.  This is a one day course that provides you with the basics.  Topics include:

  • Equipment Configuration
  • Equipment assembly and manifold theory
  • Equipment removal
  • Buoyancy and balance
  • Shut down drills
  • Out of air procedures

We are one of very few dive centres able to teach this programme.  The course includes a confined water session and two open water dives and costs £149.  This includes the materials and certification, but not twin set hire.

If you are already an instructor and would like to teach this programme please contact the dive centre.