As well as being one of the busiest diver training centres in the UK we are also a Royal Yachting Association (RYA) Training Centre offering a range of courses so you can get active above the water as well as under it.  Our RYA Training Centre, Triton Ribs, runs alongside the diving training company providing powerboat and shore based programmes.

rya-logoIf you are the driver of a high-speed powerboat, you have a responsibility towards other water users. The RYA Powerboat Scheme has been developed to advise you of that responsibility at the same time as training you to handle your boat, so that you and your passengers can all enjoy being afloat, safely. One of the strengths of the Royal Yachting Association lies in its training schemes. These practical training programmes can only be provided by recognized Training Centres like Triton Ribs. An awareness of the basic rules and customs of the sea coupled with courteous driving and a skillful approach to boat handling are what the powerboat scheme is to designed to teach you. So why not come aboard our RIBs and learn the ropes.

The RYA training scheme also provides a number of shorebased courses that compliment the more practical boat handling skills.  These courses provide essential knowledge and techniques across a wide range of topics, including navigation, radio use, and first aid.  We also offer a range of courses provided by Navathome, another RYA Training Centre that specialises in online training. Navathome provides the course and, once having booked through us, they are responsible for delivering the course and any support. For a demonstration of their courses click here.