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The Red Lipped Bat Fish - Triton Scuba
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The Red Lipped Bat Fish

By June 24, 2015Marine Life
Red Lipped Bat Fish, Galapagos

5 Things you probably didn’t know about the red lipped bat fish:
1. It is only found in Galapagos and as far south as Peru and is closely related to the Rosey Lipped Batfish found in Cocos islands, Costa Rica.
2. It has a lure on its head similar to Angler fish which is uses to attract prey.
3. When it reaches maturity its dorsal fin turns into a spine.
4. They are not good swimmers but their modified pectoral fins means that they can walk on the bottom.
5. In spite of their appearance they do not use lipstick.

Red Lipped Batfish in Galapagos

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