Scientific Diving Techniques

The Scientific Diving Techniques programme is a unique PADI distinctive speciality programme that was written by Triton Scuba for University of Portsmouth students.  However, it has proved so popular that it is now open to anyone.  The programme has been approved by PADI and the HSE and while it is not a commercial diving course, it does provide an insight into the world of commercial and scientific diving.   Topics covered include:

  • Diving at Work Regulations
  • Risk Assessment
  • Project Planning
  • Diving Illnesses and Treatment
  • The Conduct of Scientific and Commercial diving tasks
  • Project Reporting
  • Survey techniques

You may have an interest in commercial and scientific techniques.  Alternatively you might be trainng to be an engineer or a marine biologist, in which case the chances are that at some stage in your career you might come into contact with a real diving project.

The course includes 4 dives each of which involves a specific simulated underwater task.  You will plan, coordinate and undertake the dives under the supervision of your professional PADI instructor.

This unique and fun course is run over 4 days on various dates between February and May each year and costs £495.  This includes materials, certification

Scientific Diving Techniques recovery task