Technical Sidemount Training

Sidemount diving has not only taken the recreational diving market by storm, but also the technical diving market. We are one of onlya few diving centres in the UK offering Tec courses up to instructor level using the Sidemount system of diving.  This traditional cave diving technique has been developed over the past few years and is now used for both recreational and Tec Diving programmes.  There are several advantages to using the side mount system:

  • Safety – independent gas supplies similar to twin sets
  • Easy shut down drills – you can see your valves
  • Less weight on your back – no more back ache
  • Easier buoyancy and trim control
  • More streamlined profile
  • Increase in entry and exit options

You can under take the PADI Tec Sidmeount programme, a 3 day course, with us.  Or alternatively if you want to undertake any of our tech programmes in sidemount rather than twin set you may do so at no additional cost.  For more information about sidemount diving and the benefits, and current course prices call us at the dive centre.