Sidemount Diver

Fancy a bit on the side?  We were one of the first dive centres in the Country able to offer the latest PADI training programme for recreational and technical diving – Sidemount diving.  Sidemount diving evolved from the cave diving fraternity, but is such a safe and easy way of diving that it has now taken off as a system and technique that recreational and tech divers can use.  The sidemount course offers you diving with totally separate sources of gas and can be incorporated into any course beyond open water.  It can also be used on all of the Rec Tec courses that we run.  The course covers several topics including:

  • Planning and organization
  • Equipment set-up
  • Gas management
  • Long hose sharing
  • Buoyancy and trim

The course costs £275 and includes 3 dives over 2 days.  There is a technical diver add on option for qualified technical divers.  This price includes certification but not entrance or boat fees or gas. You will need to be in possession of your own harness and regulators.  A full list of equipment requirements will be sent to you on application.  Instructor courses are also available.