About the Course – The Underwater Media course was developed for the University of Portsmouth to provide an introduction to the underwater media industry. It is not intended to take the place of commercial diving training that is required to work as divers within the media industry, but to give participants an insight into the opportunities, techniques, legal requirements, skills and environmental implications of working with various branches of media underwater.


In order to participate in the course you must be a qualified PADI Open Water Diver or equivalent. It is recommended that you have some additional experience of diving after your course as buoyancy is a key skill and good diving techniques will make the training more enjoyable

What’s Involved

The course includes one day of classroom based theory training and one day of water training in a lake. During the training day you will undertake a short confined water dive in order to familiarise yourself with the equipment you used in the classroom before heading out into open water to use the equipment and capture your first underwater footage. There are two qualifying dives to gain your PADI Underwater Media Speciality.

For students who are taking the course as part of their University of Portsmouth degrees there is a requirement to produce a short film which includes underwater footage. Some students can record this footage during the first day of open water training, however, the majority opt to complete another day of filming which is included in the course costs.


The equipment you will be using is Panasonic M43 cameras that can record in 4K. These have purpose built housings that allow full functionality underwater. In addition smaller GoPro style cameras are also used and there are also a range of lighting options. Students can also use their own equipment if they have it.

More Information

For more information and to find out about costs and course availability please give us a call.